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Be Yourself

Be yourself. Are you a naturally collaborative person who likes to riff on other people’s ideas? Do you think more clearly when you’re in jeans and sneakers? Then why apply to a work at a company with a strict hierarchy, cubicles, and a dress code? It might seem okay for now, but soon both you and your employer will be frustrated by the mismatch. A bit of upfront soul searching and some research into the goals and culture of your potential company will save you lots of time—and career heartache—in the future.

Thanks to this article of the brilliant Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO) I found inspiration to share some ideas that I thought in my head for some time, also referred to another way of doing business, because if you’re with your head, heart, and with the body in the same (work) place you can’t go wrong. More you are in your place and farther you arrive.

All that people often present themselves as targets, I want this, I want that, I want to do that, these should be the consequences of what you are. You do what you are and therefore you get everything.
Being in the right “place” means being right, it means to be authentic.
Speaking of casual dress in an environment with a formal dress code, it will inevitably creates imbalance. And this is valid for both parties.
Being alive is first of all to live yourself so put yourself on the line and become aware of your potential and look for a reality in which to invest 110% of this potential.

The question at this point would be, but how many people listen themselves? How many people take time? How many people are trying to be authentic? How many people work…to listen?
Out and about there are people who is a body and the head is somewhere else, there is not even a communication between the body and the head. They inhabit the physical body but do not listen up the needs of the body, do not listen up its rhythms, the seasons, the time to do something, what the body says. All the energy is direct to move towards a system or paradigm in which to stay as much as possible, we have to stay inside for strength. Instead you work hard to stay inside, work hard to create your own. Invest your energy in developing your own reality where to invest all of yourself.

Anything you do for reaction runs out, however the things you do for love remain, the actions that you achieve remain.

Being in the center of your project, in what you are, it means to be at the center of the world.

More you are in your place and farther you arrive. And you have no idea until you try it. It greatly exceeds the imagination. A person has available a life to give shape to his own uniqueness. The beautiful thing is that no one can do things as you would do and if you don’t do there is a empty place. Life with a capital L means putting into play your human being at 360 degrees and this is a spectacular project, it means investing energies in the way that is natural for you and you like it.

Hook of authenticity

Everyone should be able to get up in the morning and do what he believes and he is capable of, at which point the money and effort go into the background. It speaks to accomplish something that invest yourself, something that has value because it is you give it to him. POINT. THIS IS EVERYTHING.

And it is also applied their skills to create something new and interesting. And also invest at its own expense and risk. It is well out of its comfort zone, stop the flow of teacher actions and thoughts that make you behave and live in the same way. Why even now be the person you were 10 minutes loos? Maybe it is convenient, maybe not.

The authenticity is also the opportunity that we offer ourselves to be truly ourselves. And among those who can not bend to the rhythms of times Desk imposed by others and those who do not want to depend on the decisions of others there is the affirmation of its own identity.

The freedom to choose and decide is worth the risk of losing everything? Yes, if you climb one step at a time, without the vertigo of thought that at the end of the scale there is nothing yet, because it’s you that you’re building. You have to be creative and open to the world, to survive you have to create synergies and relationships, otherwise you sink into your presumption.
Not necessarily, we must all become startuppers or entrepreneurs or managers, this is not a new fad, and even if it would end up a fashion, it is life that you choose to undertake with all that this entails. Understand where you are going and be satisfied with their course, this affects everyone, without distinction. When you’re sure that what you do has value, it is true projection of who you are, then you must credirci and take it all the way, without haste because the answer to better an apple or an apple tree today tomorrow is granted only if you know what I wanted say with the poet Pindar “become what you are”.

Your life is your most important project

Probably one of the best intuitions I heard in the last time:

“Your life is your most important project”

So we are all designer…of our life.