breathe and surrounded by all the experience you want.

All people have personal or professional goals and the best people have asked for help and they are helped to find a strong motivation to achieve what they imagined. I also know that my success depends on all those people who helped me in important decisions. I don’t know where I would be otherwise.

I love coaching people and help them achieve their goals. I love coaching and mentoring startups. The way I do coaching is very pragmatic, based on the model (italian language) taught to me by Jan Arduì enriched with an analytical approach, compassion, love, spirituality and techniques learned from various traditions in the world, covering all aspects, is holistic.

You could ask for my help for one of these reasons:

Start a new startup: I can simplify and clarify the decisions of a team, give a clear direction to its activities and improve the ability to develop lateral thinking (creative and technological). My business coaching or mentoring may include useful strategies with Angels and Venture Capital.

A professional transition or change: I have helped many people in the path towards the achievement of business goals, the increase level of performance, in the breaking of patterns that were blocking their growth and overcoming limits for their future professional life.

Strategic consulting: you might ask me to create a team and make grow leadership within it, take it to the achievement of strategic aims or take up challenges that it is currently not able to accomplish.

For startup and companies, I add all knowledge of design, technology and management as well as an important strategic vision.

As a coach I give you the opportunity to explore new perspectives through collaboration ,to develop a collaborative working relationship that helps to create a sense of confidence in the team to whom I’m coaching and certainly makes them more motivated in the development process. As coach, I teach people to think creatively as a team, not what to think. To develop a generative thinking that allows them to generate solutions to problems or conflicts.

In individual coaching is the same, my job is not to show the way forward but to help find it.

UX + Agile Coaching

Don’t you work just for the sake of work, money or anything else. Work to make the world a better place.

Agile is only in the mind of those who use it. So even within a company, there are all the resources that can be used to solve a problem. Call someone who can carry the solution to problems is not the solution. It’s a process that goes from the inside out.
As a User Experience Coach, I help the team to bring out the best in it, to find its resources in such a way that acquires knowledge about the processes and inherent creative energy that each person possesses, as an individual and even more within a group. This goes hand in hand with an increase in culture (design and process).

Every company has a story, each company has its own identity and is one that finds its strength.

As a UX Coach help clients to create or make better their products and services. The coaching will guide you in the right direction. The team is not only tools and techniques, but also empathy and reciprocity in rediscovering the happiness of working together that means to be motivated and be on the right way.

At one with your style, as a coach, I help you:

To relate in a collaborative way and be humble. The coaching relationship is the best way of working together toward a goal, build skills and learn from others. Think big and then give priorities: user experience effort prioritisation is a quite big part of the work. It’s important to drive but also be on the right way.
To understand the values and motivations that imply people as a team. When people are motivated in their work, learning and building their skills, they give the best.
To balance the support during growth with constructive feedbacks by creating a balance between being pragmatic and being creative.
To help, at the intersection of design and build, bringing the experience vision and strategy into solutions, making team works and allowing them to participate actively in the development of vision.

At the beginning of the project, during the visioning of the product, I help the team to develop a user experience strategy and vision that supports the business in the best way and makes the customer happy. During development, as UX Coach, I agree to be part of the project times to support the team with reflective feedback on design elements and to ensure that they remain consistent with the strategy.

UX coaching session will help your team to:

Identify the project objectives and give priority to activities
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of competitors
Identify the customer segment
Define the goals, the various metrics and KPIs
Organize a user research, including interviews
Facilitate the organization of all comments appeared during the research
Identify personas and user case scenarios
Create a roadmap in which give a priority to functionalities and contents to determine the objectives and relate them with a technical viability.
Identify and implement creative technology solutions.
Guide usability tests and the iterations that are useful to put them to good use.

As Agile Coach will help you to make the process easier by eliminating waste and keeping only what is valuable for the team and for the customer. In the value chain for the realisation of a product or service your team will learn how to maintain high quality, to be more consistent with the strategy and vision, looking for perfection between what was thinked and what was realised.

Pricing policy. We decide together the objectives and understand the complexity of the work, then we define the budget to allocate to the project.
The meaning and interest in a project can make a difference.
I can decide to engage in a job for a no-profit organization working pro-bono if your intention is to bring good to the world.

Project Managerment Coaching

The matter becomes serious if you’ve read till here. I can be helpful in many ways because I have a lot of experience and I had CAPM and PRINCE2 certification when I was a program manager. If you need to deliver a can of beans or last gleaming model of the shuttle in any case I can be of help, but not just for that. If you need to create a PMO to bring order to the chaos, a mentorship for your team, or create a project management leadership then I can be doubly useful.

The approach to project management is discipline and freedom, not enough to be meticulous engineers, to be the frustrating timekeeper and even creative without analytical capacity, so at the moment I have four workshops that I hold in addition to a tailored coaching.

Briefing and debriefing: two sides of the same coin. In a complex world where predictability is impossible, innovation and risk are necessary to survive and grow, mistakes are not only accepted, but also welcome. The debrief offers a practical guide to how people and teams can learn from their mistakes. Instead to make fewer mistakes you should always start from a reasonably constructed brief.

Mind-mapping for Project Management. In this workshop you will develop an attitude rather than having a tool, even if you will go away with a small toolbox useful to analyze a project from every point of view, without neglecting the weak signals by the customer and by your intuition.

Investigative reasoning for problem solving (in Project Management). When you deal with a problem inevitably we delimit it within a specific frame, grid, map, code, and we seek the solution inside it. You will learn to use the regressive reasoning, to change perspective, to rule out what is not relevant and get to what must be the truth. With the help of clues you’ll learn the ability of reconstruction and combination in a situation, to derive hypotheses that can be useful to anticipate the occurrence of situations. “Elementary, My Dear Watson”

Creativity and lateral thinking. From this workshop you will come back with the tools, advices and a method of working on mental attitudes to successfully perform the change of thinking that allows you to make better use of available resources, to move from a problematic situation to a perfect solution through a simple solution, original and effective. The creativity and lateral thinking are used to expand the solution space. You will learn excellent creative strategies and the creativity of the group.

They are fabulous experiential workshops, forget slides and turn on the brain.