The Planet Earth has exceeded inhabitants. (exactly

In that year the worker’s salary in Italy was approximately 154.000 lire … a newspaper was £ 150, a ticket for the Tram £ 100, £ 120 a cup coffee, bread £ 450 per kg, milk 260 £, wine by the liter £ 350, the pasta £ 480 per kg, £ 420 per kg rice, meat Beef  £ 4500 per kg, sugar £ 430 per kg, gasoline £ 305 and 1 gram of Gold Coast £ 5440.

The inflation rate: 19,2. A dollar will reach £ 720 at the end of the year, so as to close the exchange rates on 20th January 1976, but 17th March it reaches 880 £.

Unfortunately, 2nd November, Pier Paolo Pasolini is murdered by a murderer of 17 years at Ostia, Giuseppe Pelosi, who then confesses not just caught.

In that year in Italy does not happen something special… 15th June Elections are held (voting for the first time also the teens with the law of 6th March) and the DC indicates a clear decline.

Thus, while the HitParadeItalia – Top 10 of 12th April 1975 is as follows:

1. You’re the first, the last .. – Barry White
2. Another woman – The country cousins
3. El bimbo – Bimbo Jet
4. Kung fu fighting – Carl Douglas
5. A body and soul -Wess and Dori Ghezzi
6. Emanuelle – The Lovelets
7. Cries phone – Domenico Modugno
8. Stubborn I – Mortal Coil
9. Sereno – Drupi
10. Green – M & G Orchestra

and that night Rolling Stone plays at the Cow Palace, Daly City, San Francisco, California, USA.

My mother puts me in the world with a lag expectations at 10:35. And everyone’s happiness as soon as they realize that my first cry was a simple UHHEEE! like other children.
It’s hard to talk about my life from that moment without thinking about the complementarity between spirit and substance.

The part of the spirit

At age 18 I decided to partecipate to my first yoga class that excited me so much that I decided to practice in the following years moving closer to other disciplines and studies of eastern Vedic sciences.

Finally I decided to take a period of study and meditation to become a teacher of yoga at the ashram of Vishwa Yoga Darshan where I lived a fantastic and touching experience. There and then elsewhere I have explored Buddhism as a life experience. On the way back I lived in a Hare Krishna community until the decision not to take the vow of renunciation.

Got curious by all the opportunities in the world and the uniqueness of each individual choice that leads inevitably to the same way I decided to follow a spiritual path of initiation (also called the Toltec tradition “fire away”) for a long part of my life,  where I became aware of many representations that I teach.

These explorations has left a strong mark on me.

I have been teaching yoga, tai-chi and I did the operator Rolfer for a time, where I discovered the power of mind over body and viceversa. I experienced the EFT technique and became operator of ruby.

In the last few years of my life I have been excited so much by the Laughter Yoga that I became Leader of laughters thanks to the fantastic Daniele Berti.

The nutrition has followed me all the way and so after becoming a vegetarian many years ago, then I switched to veganism and finally I decided to try the raw food. Thanks to the studies of Arnold Ehret (and in general about nutrition and the human system) I became a fruitarian allowing me to experience what I would call unique life experience and transmit it to the others.

About last part of my life I have searched and found a way to use the spirit and energy in a formal setting (corporate) and so I studied as a Master NLP and then as coach with the magic Jan Ardui (Performance & Alignment Network) becoming a certified IANLP coach.

Now I like to coach individual and team, teaching techniques that are based on the simplicity and freedom for brainstorming, briefing-debriefing, project management and creativity, enriching them with mindmapping techniques, lateral thinking, NLP and much more.

I love music and I play the didgeridoo as well as having some experience with singing bowls. I use both of these tools to treat people with sound.

I still study about tensegrity and timelines. I hope one day to publish all of these studies.

I am delighted with the poem when the poetry slam didn’t yet exist and I red poetry at the seventh hairpin Crosara. There’s something on my tumblr.

And it is precisely for this reason I would like to close this part with my greatest and most profound source of inspiration.


The part of the substance

At the age of 9, my parents give me my first computer (a Commodore 16) and they could not have imagined what would be happened! At that time I was so passionate that I start to program in BASIC and disassemble/reassemble/modify individual pieces as well as creating my first software programs and games.

When the Commodore became old by now someone gave me a Philips NMS TC105 and from that moment on many computers are passed until the degree in computer science. During those years I created the first BBS software in the area (maybe in the Veneto), developed applications and games, collaborated with groups of developing of the Apache Foundation and I was a hacker until the opening of a company for computer security.

I have experienced and contributed to many phases of development of the web working in the first web agencies until the sboom of the web in 2002.

I have worked in various positions including hardware and software consulting, I’ve helped to create one of the first VOIP networks (or maybe the first) in Italy with the Multilink group. I have worked in sales as Key Account of some Italian regions. I founded a startup of snacks vending machines (clearly organic) and at the first opportunity I got back to the web, thanks to the fantastic H-Art where I did dream for several years.

The very last time I did “things” in the far-future THINGS, the first italian startup dedicated to the internet of things, where I was in charge of operations and creative technology direction.
For the passion of the creative technology I continue to do the advisor for projects of Internet of Things as member of Internet of Things Council, suggesting strategies and solutions at the intersection of digital and physical.
I was a mentor at TechStars and TIM Working Capital and other startup accelerators around Italy and Europe.
Any other serious stuff is on my linkedin profile.



I experience the union of these two experiences with the awareness that one can’t live without the other. I have the desire to bring back humanity into the business believing that the best work is not done with tools and automation, but helping people to work well, enriching, teaching them to work in team and be personally and professionally authentic.

I help entrepreneurs and creative managers to make their business a better business. And what does it mean? It means helping companies to make their products and services better, but also individuals and teams to work better through a personal enrichment and the re-discovery of passion to work.
So I continue to coach in a tidy part of my time, especially creative people. Sometime I continue to mentor startups. It’s always a pleasure to help young people build their personal and professional happiness, as well as being very funny.

Good business and happy life in a perfect balance are a successful strategy with which we can experience flow, passion, creativity, connection and purpose doing work. I love to inspire people and organizations to make positive changes for a better and happier workplace. Here there are twelve principles to carry out that.

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