workspace cubiclesLoosely based on a short story by Jacob Morgan about the cubicles, the invention as applied to companies and work spaces, I took the time to write a few thoughts.
The cubicle was an invention by Robert Propst in 1967, started with the goal of solving a whole range of problems of people who worked in the office at that time. This was a consequence of the Action Office project but despite Propst is remembered as the father of the cubicle, his intentions were different and they were good, so much so that in 1997 he said in this regard “The cubiclizing of people in modern corporations is monolithic insanity. ”
In my experience I continue to find many companies who entrust their spaces to more or less evolved cubicle transformations making their employees little happy, despite the employee welfare should be a priority for all companies. The employees are trying in many ways to improve the cubicles decorating and personalizing their spaces, and some customizations are noteworthy, rather they are a contribution for the company. Some argue that the cubicles, when used effectively, minimize distractions and maintain a privacy space and freedom of personal expression. I personally believe that every work environment is a separate story but leave to the employee the opportunity to design their own space is the best solution.

Image © 2012 Shawn Harquail, Creative Commons 2.0