Everyone should be able to get up in the morning and do what he believes and he is capable of, at which point the money and effort go into the background. It speaks to accomplish something that invest yourself, something that has value because it is you give it to him. POINT. THIS IS EVERYTHING.

And it is also applied their skills to create something new and interesting. And also invest at its own expense and risk. It is well out of its comfort zone, stop the flow of teacher actions and thoughts that make you behave and live in the same way. Why even now be the person you were 10 minutes loos? Maybe it is convenient, maybe not.

The authenticity is also the opportunity that we offer ourselves to be truly ourselves. And among those who can not bend to the rhythms of times Desk imposed by others and those who do not want to depend on the decisions of others there is the affirmation of its own identity.

The freedom to choose and decide is worth the risk of losing everything? Yes, if you climb one step at a time, without the vertigo of thought that at the end of the scale there is nothing yet, because it’s you that you’re building. You have to be creative and open to the world, to survive you have to create synergies and relationships, otherwise you sink into your presumption.
Not necessarily, we must all become startuppers or entrepreneurs or managers, this is not a new fad, and even if it would end up a fashion, it is life that you choose to undertake with all that this entails. Understand where you are going and be satisfied with their course, this affects everyone, without distinction. When you’re sure that what you do has value, it is true projection of who you are, then you must credirci and take it all the way, without haste because the answer to better an apple or an apple tree today tomorrow is granted only if you know what I wanted say with the poet Pindar “become what you are”.