The mind-wondering is a very common and everyday experience where the focus is “detached” from the external environment by immersing the person in a stream of mental activity is not relevant to what you’re doing.

The main question is: what’s going on in our heads?

“Instead of blocking our thoughts and our emotions as you would during meditation, you should accept and take care of the “monkey in your head”, as the Buddhist monk Mingyur Rinpoche says.

This ability to think about what is not happening costs…

a mind that wanders is an unhappy mind.

In itself, the mind-wandering is not a negative value, in fact it is necessary in the planning, decision, judgment and creativity. The problem is in the uncontrolled automatism of mind-wandering and lack of management.

Maybe we do not find fulfillment in this and we start with a movie theater or an inner roundup that does not work because it is tied to deep dissatisfaction.

The neuro-sciences have been interested in how the mind-wandering interferes with the execution of tasks and attention; to make matters worse the “monkey mind” disturbs us in reading and in fact the mind-wandering is associated with little understanding of a text. The monkey mind continues to disturb us also interfering with the moods, so we are less happy during mind-wandering.

Monitor their attention means to control their own mental life.

The brain turns depending on where it directed the attention and therefore we personally have responsibility for the development of the nervous system. If the world is a representation of the mind, the mind can change the brain.

Contemplative disciplines have the enormous potential to transform the mind, the brain patterns, the behavior and sense of well-being.

As told by the video below, the biggest misconceptions about meditation is that it is not necessary to calm the mind too long to reap the benefits. The best way to do this is with the simple habit of being aware of your breathing. Even if the monkey in our mind is not completely domesticated it’s okay.