I believe that younger generations will change careers at least once and try a variety of different roles. There will be less long term commitment to organisations.

My career will be one of choice, not one chosen out of desperation. It will align who I am with what I do.

I think our generation will continue to conduct business in more global settings and we’ll use different forms of technology to communicate across borders.

In this day and age you have to be exible and you can’t rely on working for the same employer for many years.

Everything is much more dynamic and fast-paced these days. If you lose contact with information for one second, you fall behind.

If I’m working on something I enjoy and am passionate about, I will be motivated.

What motivates me is a good working environment and friendly colleagues. If your workplace becomes your second home, you would want to give it your best.

I want to feel valued, and be given tasks that allow me to stretch myself to the full extent of my abilities and, by doing so, develop my skills.

What motivates me? Recognition for my hard work and being able to really see the difference my work makes to others.

I want to feel valued, and be given tasks that allow me to stretch myself to the full extent of my abilities.

I expect to travel and my career will be more about enjoying the experience than earning money.

I think we’re expected to produce more work in a shorter period of time [than earlier generations].

The sentences you have just read are statements of Millennials who are just entering the world of work or they will do in the coming years. What are the thoughts that come up to your mind?
The generation Y is radically different from previous generations for many intangible aspects related to the search for a strong meaning and purpose in the work, the management of relations with colleagues and with management, the use of digital technologies and architectural office spaces. By the way, does your work environment meet the needs of all generations who work in it?
The happiness of Millennials, and I mean the motivation and engagement as well, is the most important opportunity to be seized in the coming years for all organizations, to ensure that this generation is attracted and inspired in the best way by your work environment. Even more if the company you work for is looking for those talents that will gradually strengthen the management.

Into this good quest of PwC there are excellent findings on the changes that your organization will have to do to be profitable on the market in the coming years. By reading it I felt particularly inspired because much of them are the same key factors that cause happiness at work.

Enjoy the reading and be fairly happy!

Image © 2014 Kris Krüg, Creative Commons 2.0 https://flic.kr/p/nCrTF8